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Commercial Property Solutions that Earn their Keep

Our Invent Dashboard visualises recorded data from monitoring devices and provides actionable insights to maximise efficiency and reduce costs in critical commercial property systems. 

What we do

Invent VI is a Caribbean-based technology company that provides innovative I.T. solutions for commercial properties. By pairing IoT devices and customizing data visualization software specifically for the commercial property management industry, we provide actionable analysis for our clients. By using industry-leading sensors and integrating them with new or existing data platforms, we work with our clients to create smart, and efficient solutions that save them time and money. 

Reduce Downtime

By using data point collection and analysis, large benefits and ROI can be achieved by streamlining systems and processes. By using real-time alerting on mission-critical systems via data point monitoring, downtimes can be reduced and eliminated.

Extend Equipment Lifetime

Monitoring of system metrics and performance can help predict and prevent system failures before they happen. Scheduling of maintenance and alerting to possible problems is much easier by collecting and evaluating key data points.

Critical Systems Monitoring

Custom dashboards give real-time insight into system operation, and important metrics to give management hands-on information to help manage critical systems and their performance.

Failure Prevention

Data analysis and collection of key metrics gives key insight into possible issues, flagging potential problems before they happen, so preventative maintenance can be scheduled.

Actionable Alerts

Data collection, visualisation and alerting (Email and SMS) can be customised to the business’s needs, with specific sensors or calculated metrics, keeping the people that need to know, in the know

Commercial Property Solutions we offer

  • Climate Control
  • Lumens
  • Property Access
  • Hotel & Marina Occupancy
  • Water Pressure & Leaks
  • Distance Measurement
  • Tank Levels
  • Water Metering
  • Motion Sensing
  • Electricity Metering
  • Fire & Smoke
  • Occupancy & Attendance