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Hardware & Devices

We are committed to delivering the highest quality IoT dashboard solutions, and that starts with the hardware and sensors we use with your organization. Our devices are designed to seamlessly integrate into your commercial property, providing real-time data and enabling intelligent decision-making.


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We understand that no two IoT deployments are alike. Our hardware is designed with flexibility in mind. Customized settings, thresholds, and configurations to align with your requirements. 


Choosing the right protocol for your IoT devices is crucial. We help find the right fit for your organization. Some protocols that we support are TCP/Modbus, Lorawan, MQTT, and HTTP.  


Our devices boast advanced sensors calibrated for accuracy. From temperature and humidity to motion and environmental factors, expect data you can count on. 

Device Customization

Track your devices in real-time, giving you unparalleled visibility into their location and status. Take a look at the examples below. Contact us to learn more about precise tracking data customizations.



Tank/Fluid levels

Electricity Metering


Water leaks

Water metering

Fire/Smoke/CO Detection

Door/Window Access

Distance Measurement

Motion Sensing

People Counting

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