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Our Services

Our customized suite of IoT dashboard solutions is designed to enhance your property’s functionality and value. From optimizing energy management and security to streamlining maintenance and tenant experiences, our services empower you to manage and elevate your commercial property with ease and precision

Dashboard Capabilities

Energy Optimization:

Monitor and control energy consumption to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Maintenance Streamlining:

Receive real-time alerts for maintenance needs and manage repairs efficiently.

Customization Options:

Tailor dashboard features to align with the unique needs of your property.

Data-Driven Insights:

Analyze trends and patterns to make informed decisions for operational improvements.

Remote Monitoring:

Keep an eye on property operations and address issues remotely.

Future-Ready Scalability:

Easily integrate new devices and services as technology evolves.

Helping Properties with Real -Time Operation Management

Invent strives to minimize equipment downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and expand the lifetime of your property  assets. Our data insights and reporting features give our clients an edge to minimize operational costs across the organization. With consolidated workflows and effective asset visibility, we make it easy for our clients to get an overview of their entire business operation.

Types of Industries


Rental Properties





Farming Operations



Invent provides tailored pricing packages specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of your property. Our comprehensive offerings ensure that you have access to the pricing solutions that best fit your needs. Complete the form to request a demo of our IoT Dashboard application. We look forward to working with you.

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